Normal office hours are Monday-Thursday  7:30am-5:00pm.

The Drop Box is still available to the public and will be emptied daily. City bills can be paid online here.

Values have been finalized and certified for Fiscal Year 2024. The tax rate is approved at $13.56 per thousand.

 View assessed values - FY2023 Assessed Values by Location (pdf)

                                           FY2024 Assessed Values by Location (pdf)

Department Makeup & Responsibilities

The Easthampton Assessing Department is made up of a Board of Assessors appointed by the Mayor and a Principal Assessor appointed by the City Council. Their task is to list and value all of the real and personal property in the City according to Mass General Law. 

Assessed Values

Assessed values in Massachusetts are based on 'full and fair cash value', or 100% of fair market value. Annually these values are submitted and reviewed by the Ma Department of Revenue for certification.

Methods for determining value include using sales data from the previous calendar year for residential properties and local income and expense data for commercial properties.

Accuracy in assessment is important to ensure all taxpayers are paying their fair share of the cost of local government, proportional to the value of their property.

Forms & Documents