City Clerk & Elections

The City Clerk's Office houses the city's vital statistics (birth, death and marriages). You may also apply for a marriage license in the clerk's office. Other commonly issued items include: dog licenses, tag sale permits, business certificates, raffle and bazaar permits, and hunting and fishing licenses.

The City Clerk's office also administers all elections in the City of Easthampton.  For election information, please see the ELECTIONS IN EASTHAMPTON subsection of this page.

Some frequently asked questions:

  • Birth, Death or Marriage Certificates and Tag Sale Permits:  
    In addition to in-person pickup, you may pay through this website online. You may also mail in a request (see below for forms) or drop off your request and payment in the drop box.

  • Applying for a Marriage License:  
    You and your partner may apply for your marriage license in person in the City Clerk's Office (you must apply together). Marriage licenses are valid for 60 days from the date of application. There is a 3-day waiting period from the date of application to pickup of the license. The cost is $40.00.  Licenses must be used within the state of Massachusetts.

  • Business Certificates:  
    Complete the business certificate and addendum forms, or you may pick up the form in the City Clerk's Office. Completed forms can be mailed, dropped off in person at the City Clerk's Office or put in the drop box. The fee is $40.00. Please bring, or include, a copy of your ID. After review by the Building or Planning Department, your certificate will be mailed to you.  
    • If you have a change to make to your current business certificate (discontinuance, withdrawal, add of a signatory, change of address, etc.) please complete and submit the Business Certificate Change Form. The cost is $15.00.
  • Dog Licenses - 2024 Licenses will be available starting JANUARY 1, 2024: 
    In addition to in-person pick-up of licenses, you can mail or drop off your request in the drop box at 50 Payson Avenue. Please include a letter sized, stamped and self-addressed envelope so we can mail your dog's license to you. Please include the dog license form so we have all the information for the license.  
  • Please remember that dog waste does not act as an effective fertilizer.  Stormwater runoff can wash dog waste into ponds, lakes, streams and drinking water supplies, causing outbreaks of E. coli and other bacteria harmful to both people and wildlife.  It can contaminate parks, athletic fields and places where children play.  We ALL need to pick up and properly dispose of our pet's waste in the trash can.  Join dog owners in your neighborhood who are showing they care and TAKE THE PUP (Pick up Poop) PLEDGE

  • Hunting and Fishing Licenses - 2024 LICENSES ARE NOW AVAILABLE: 
    We are a Massachusetts Hunting & Fishing license agent for cash or check purchases only. 

  • Street Listings:   2023 street listing books are available for purchase in the City Clerk's office for $20.00 each.

  • Raffle & Bazaar Permits:   
    The City Clerk's office issues these permits to qualified non-profit organizations only.  The cost is $10.00 and permits are valid for a one-year period.  Permits must be obtained in the community where the raffle is being held.  Forms may be picked up in the City Clerk's office.  Please review the state Raffle and Bazaar information to see if your organization is eligible to hold a raffle. Please note that individuals and for-profit organizations are NOT eligible to hold a raffle (even if the proceeds are being donated to a non-profit organization).

Vital Records

Certified copies of birth, marriage or death records are $10 each. Requests can be made in person, through the mail or make a request online. If requesting through the mail, you may send a letter, or use one of the following forms:

Annual City Census

The City Clerk's office, in accordance with Massachusetts General Laws, Chapter 51, Section 4, also administers the annual city census. The census is mailed annually.  Please return your form as soon as possible so that your address and voter status are kept up to date.  Frequently asked questions about the census

Genealogy Researchers

Genealogy researchers are welcome during regular office hours. Especially if you are coming a distance, please feel free to contact the office by email or phone ahead of time to confirm office hours and record availability.

Clerk to the Council

The City Clerk serves as clerk to the City Council and the office maintains all City Council and past Town Meeting records. Easthampton changed from a town to a city form of government on April 1, 1996.


The Easthampton City Clerk's Office is where you'll find: