Department Awards

Every three years, the Easthampton Police Department holds an awards ceremony to recognize police officers and civilians for Awards Night 2012 098valiant achievements and outstanding contributions to the department and the community.

Any employee of the department who observes, or is otherwise made aware of, an act which merits consideration for an award or commendation, may formally nominate an officer. Additionally, any department employee may nominate a citizen for department recognition.

All awards are accompanied by written documentation detailing the actions of the person being recognized. In addition to an award certificate, police officers also receive a designated ribbon to be displayed on their dress uniform.

Easthampton Police Department Meritorious Award Designations

  • Community Service: For acts of humanity or service to the public beyond the call of duty.
  • Life Saving: For prompt and alert actions that resulted in the saving of a human life.
  • Medal of Honor: The highest award bestowed upon an Easthampton Police Officer for acts of heroism at the risk of their own lives beyond the call of duty.
  • Medal of Valor: For acts of heroism at the risk of their own lives in the line of duty.
  • Merit Award: For highly credible accomplishments bringing acclaim to themselves or to the police profession.
  • Meritorious Conduct: For highly unusual accomplishments or acts of heroism reflecting a devotion to duty.
  • New England Chiefs Medal of Valor: For acts of uncommon valor at the risk of one's life. In the highest tradition of police service.
  • Purple Heart: For wounds received in the line of duty.