Honor Guard

The Easthampton Police Department's Honor Guard is a ceremonial unit currently comprised of eight sworn officers. The unit is dedicated to the professional representation of the Easthampton Police Department as well as the City of Easthampton.

The purpose of our Honor Guard is to present a professional appearance while publicly displaying the colors, or flags, of the United States, the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and the Easthampton Police Department.

Honor Guard Officers

The officers currently assigned to our Honor Guard are:

  • Sergeant Chad Alexander
  • Detective Eric Alexander
  • Sergeant Kyle Gribi
  • Officer Ryan Murphy
  • Officer Robert Pouska
  • Officer Rick Rogalski
  • Officer Tim Rogers
  • Sergeant Dennis Scribner


The Honor Guard uniform consists of a cloth dress cover, a Navy Blue dress blazer with silver buttons (gold for sergeants) and Easthampton Police Department shoulder patches, a French Blue uniform shirt with black tie, Navy Blue dress uniform pants with French Blue piping (gold for sergeants), black polished boots and white gloves. On the left sleeve of each officer's dress blazer are hash marks that designate years of service with the department. Each hash mark designates three years of service.

On their left shoulder, officers wear a royal blue aiguillette (gold for sergeants). An aiguillette is an ornamental braid with cords and a metal tip that hangs from the shoulder of a dress uniform jacket. Additionally, officers wear a clarino duty belt with cross strap along with a holster, a handcuff case and an ammunition magazine holder.


Historically, our Honor Guard has appeared in parades, ceremonies, funerals, municipal functions and sporting events. While participating in ceremonial events or marching in parades, our Honor Guard contingent generally consists of five officers. These officers display the flag of the United States of America, the flag of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and the flag of the Easthampton Police Department, while two riflemen flank each side with the department's AR-15 patrol rifles. On occasion, the Honor Guard may appear with fewer than five officers if necessary.

Funeral Protocol

The Easthampton Police Department also has a funeral protocol in place for the passing of a former officer. As honorary bearers, the Honor Guard officers will post at the casket and the funeral home entrance. The Honor Guard will also post at the cemetery during burial.

Red Sox Games

In July 2017 and again in August 2018 and 2019, our Honor Guard presented the colors before Boston Red Sox games at Fenway Park.

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Our Honor Guard also represents the Easthampton Police Department and the City of Easthampton in many of our local parades, as well as the annual Holyoke St. Patrick's Parade.