Administrative Assistant

Cynthia Perry has been the police department's Administrative Assistant for more than twenty years. As executive assistant to the Police Chief and the Police Captain, Cynthia assists with all administrative duties including, but not limited to, budget preparation and control, financial expenditures and reporting, and scheduling of meetings and appointments. She handles department purchase requests, weekly billing, police payroll and the invoicing and collection of fees for police details. She also assists department personnel with various administrative requests.

Among her other duties, Cynthia maintains records on department grants, department donation accounts and revolving forfeiture accounts. She processes an array of paperwork including purchase orders, invoices, billing, grant purchases, training registrations, travel requests and the like. She receives, accounts for and deposits to the City Treasurer all receipts for police details as well as records fees and firearm permit fees. She also maintains supply inventory for the department and orders all necessary supplies and equipment as needed.

Additionally, Cynthia's duties include oversight and coordination of the City's crossing guard staff and scheduling.