School Resource Officer

School Resource Officer Rick Rogalski


Officer Rick Rogalski is assigned as the School Resource Officer for the City of Easthampton. In that position, Officer Rogalski is responsible for providing security and crime prevention services in all five schools within the Easthampton Public School system.

Officer Rogalski works closely with administrators in an effort to create a safer environment for both students and staff. As school liaison officer, Officer Rogalski is more than a law enforcement officer, he is a resource for students and staff, and he strives to be a mentor and a role model to each and every student that he encounters.

Officer Rogalski's responsibilities are similar to regular police officers, in that he has the ability to respond to calls for service, to make arrests and to investigate and document incidents that occur within the City of Easthampton.

Officer Rogalski is a conduit between the Easthampton Police Department, the public schools and the community. Second only to safety, Officer Rogalski's main goal is to build and maintain positive relationships among the students within the Easthampton School District.