Children’s Advocacy Center

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The Children's Advocacy Center provides a child friendly house where physically and sexually abused children receive the services they need in a coordinated response. These services include:

Forensically Sound Interviews

A qualified forensic interviewer, as part of a multidisciplinary team (SAIN) approach, conducts an interview of a child suspected of having been physically or sexually abused, thus eliminating multiple interviews and reducing the stress to the family and child. Members of the interview team include an assistant district attorney, Department of Children and Family investigative social worker, forensic child interview specialist, family service advocate, police officer and SAIN team coordinator.

Medical Intervention

Should a child need a medical examination for sexual or physical abuse, there are trained medical professionals available to do the examination.

Therapeutic Intervention

When necessary, referrals are made for follow up treatment for the child including specialized medical and mental health services.

Victim Support

Family advocates from the District Attorney's Child Abuse Unit provide the child and non-offending family members information about the legal process and support and guidance through a case prosecution.