Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

Question:  When is opening burning allow?  
Answer:  Open burning in Massachusetts is allowed from January 15th to May 1st each year.  Homeowners need to obtain a valid permit from their local fire department to burn brush.
Question:  Why does a fire truck sometimes respond to a medical emergency?
Answer:  All of the personnel on the fire department are cross-trained as Firefighter/Paramedics.  Many times, due to the severity of the call, more than two paramedics on the ambulance are needed to quickly and efficiently treat the patient.  Personnel on the engine also help to lift and move patients thereby reducing the potential of injuries for our personnel.
Question:  Am I allowed to have a campfire or cooking fire?
Answer:  Cooking fires can be conducted throughout the year.  Fires must be constantly attended by a competent adult 18 years of age or older, and by an individual who is the owner of the property, or has been given permission by the owner of the property.  A permit is not required for a cooking fire however a courtesy call to the public safety dispatcher is requested (413-527-4200) to log the locations of such fires and to ensure that air quality  and weather conditions are appropriate.  Cooking fires shall be no more than 3 feet in diameter and surrounded by non-combustible material.  Cooking fires need to be at least 15 feet away from any structure and must be used primarily for cooking food.