Municipal Vulnerability Preparedness

Current Projects:

Climate Resilience and Green Infrastructure Documents


The City of Easthampton has been awarded the following grants from the Municipal Vulnerability Preparedness (MVP) grant program through Massachusetts Executive Office of Energy and Environmental Affairs. Visit the Resilient MA Climate Website to learn more about MVP.

MVP 2023 Action Grant - Emerald Place Design

The primary purpose of this grant project is to conduct conceptual design and geotechnical analysis to address drainage-driven erosion along Emerald Place. Emerald Place sits at the top of slope above Lower Mill Pond, and drainage-driven erosion has caused a loss of vegetation and ongoing gullying which repeatedly undermines the slope; a holistic solution is needed to protect the road, drainage system, pond, and adjacent private properties. The project will assess slope conditions along Emerald Place. It will continue to engage the public and explore ideas suggested by residents for revamped traffic and pedestrian circulation on this street to create space for green infrastructure and expanded tree cover, buffer the slope and pond from roadway/parking activity, and improve resilience and safety. For more information about the project, please visit the New City Infrastructure Project Page.

MVP 2022-2023 Action Grant - Cherry Street Construction

The primary purpose of this grant project is to construct the Cherry Street Green Infrastructure Improvements that were designed as part of the FY2021 action grant (below). The improvements include water, sewer, drainage, green infrastructure enhancements, sidewalks, curbing and road reconstruction, as well as repairs to the storm drain outlet and restoration of the slope and parts of Brickyard Brook. For more information about the project, please visit the Cherry Street Green Infrastructure Project Page.

MVP 2021 Action Grant - GI Master Plan & Cherry St Design

A key goal of the City’s grant project is to promote long-term planning and resiliency measures that consider both existing and ongoing infrastructure needs and form the basis of a climate resiliency vision and implementation strategy for the City. The City received state funding to develop a Green Infrastructure Master Plan to address stormwater-driven flooding hazards throughout the City and for Cherry Street Neighborhood Green Infrastructure Improvements Design. The Citywide Green Infrastructure Master Plan (links to download above) was completed in June 2021. In the Cherry St, Mt. Tom Ave, and Lux Ave neighborhood, this grant is funding: design engineering to repair a failing stormwater outfall at the end of Cherry Street and restore the eroded slope and adjacent stream within Brickyard Brook Conservation Area; and design of green infrastructure practices to manage and infiltrate stormwater along Cherry St, Mount Tom Ave, and Lux Ave to lessen the burden on that stormwater outfall.