Mt. Tom North Trailhead Park

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Trail Map for the Mt. Tom North Trailhead

    Officially opened in September 2022, the Mt. Tom North Trailhead Park provides access to Mt. Tom for a range of experience levels and mobility types. The trail consists of a 2,000ft (~0.37 mile one way) crushed stone path which provides a consistently even surface with slopes that meet the US Forest Service standards for accessible trails. There are six level-ground rest areas throughout the trail which include seating and informational kiosks highlighting the unique nature of the area and providing local context. The trail culminates in a restored meadow area and final loop of the gravel trail with excellent views of the valley (including multiple accessible picnic tables). At the top there is also access to the Kestrel Loop Trail indicated by blue blazes and the New England Scenic Trail (NEST) indicated by white blazes. (Please note that the Kestrel Loop Trail and NEST do not meet USFS standards for accessible trails.) 

    The parcel was acquired and the trail installed through the state PARC/ Conservation Partnership grant programs and vital support provided by Pascommuck Conservation Trust, Kestrel Land Trust, the Easthampton Community Preservation Act, and the residents of Easthampton. The trail was designed by Dodson & Flinker, Inc. Landscape Architecture & Planning and is maintained by the Easthampton Parks Department's dedicated staff. 


     Parking is limited at the paved trailhead area with a total of nine spots, two of which are reserved as designated accessible parking. There are also 3 bicycle rack structures located just to the right of the trail entrance, by the kiosk. No parking is permitted along East Street and alternative overflow parking is located off Underwood Avenue. (Please note that there are no designated accessible parking spaces at the Underwood location and that section of trail  does not meet USFS standards for accessible trails.)


    This trail meets only USFS standards for accessible trails.  Conditions of the accessible portion of the trail are as follows:

  • The parking area is paved and includes 2 designated accessible parking spaces each with a striped side loading lane (one 5ft wide and the other 9ft wide).
  • The trail surface is 5ft wide throughout and is composed of compacted 3/8-inch minus crushed stone for its entirety which should not be a puncture hazard for the tires of most mobility devices.
  • Sections of the trail for which slopes are 5 - 8.3% do not exceed 200ft in length between level rest areas. Sections of the trail for which slopes are 8.5 - 10% do not exceed 30ft in length between level rest areas. The trail maintains a 1.5 - 2% cross slope  throughout.
  • All rest areas include bench/picnic table seating, are a minimum of 5ft x 5ft in size, and are relatively flat with a cross slope of 1.5 - 2%. All picnic tables are accessible in design as well.
  • These conditions DO NOT continue onto the Kestrel Loop Trail or the New England Scenic Trail.


  • Dogs are allowed on the trail but must remain leashed at all times.
  • There are no restrooms on site. 
  • There are no garbage receptacles on site, please plan to carry out all garbage.
  • The site is open year-round from sunrise to sunset.
  • Please be mindful of other hikers space needs and practice National Park Service Trail Etiquette.
  • Please stay on the trail at all times to prevent erosion/damage to the trail and preserve the restored meadow areas.
  • Check the entrance kiosk before disembarking for any current notifications about trail conditions.
  • Report any issues with the accessible trail to the City of Easthampton Parks Department.


   Located at 96 East Street, Easthampton MA 01027, GPS coordinates (42.2838900153189, -72.626611675512). The trailhead can be found on the East side of East Street marked by a wooden sign.