Car Seat Installation Program

We all want our children to travel safely in cars. Installing a car seat for younger children and babies can be a challenge. Members of the Easthampton Fire Department can check to make sure your car seats are installed correctly and teach you how to use and install a car seat on your own.  The Easthampton Fire Department has a number of certified Child Passenger Safety Technicians through the National Child Passenger Safety Certification Program.  Installations of new seats and evaluation of seats already installed are done by appointment only.  To schedule an appointment, please call the Fire Department Administrative Assistant at 413-527-4200.

What to Expect During a Seat Check--At an inspection/fitting station or event, the time allotted for each appointment varies.  Some events schedule thirty minutes, while others (like the one of the monthly events pictured in this article) schedule an hour for each visit.  You can expect to learn about your seat and be shown how to install it properly.  Leave about an hour for the appointment and bring your car seat questions with you!

car seat installation