Executive Assistant


Brenda Routhier joined the Fire Department as the Administrative Assistant in 2012, after 17 years as Office Manager for a regional heating supply business, bringing her experience with accounting, human resources, and customer service to the City. As Executive Assistant to the Fire Chief and Administrative Assistant for the Fire Department, Brenda’s duties include but are not limited to, assisting with budget preparation, Personnel and Fire Grant management, record maintenance, public record requests, and department purchases for Fire and EMS. Brenda processes weekly bill schedules, purchase orders, department payroll including invoicing and collection of fees for outside Fire and EMS details, along with HazMat and Technical Rescue training and deployments. Brenda schedules and processes 26F inspections and certificates for home sales; accounts for, records and deposits all department fees to the City Treasurer; as well as processing donations to the Fire and Ambulance accounts. Additionally, Brenda maintains and orders supplies for the department as needed, and assists department personnel with Administrative and Human Resource requests.