Honeywell Energy Project (2021)

  1. Click here to read the "Preliminary Audit Analysis (PAA) – dated Feb. 19, 2021" - This Preliminary Audit Analysis (PAA) was developed for the City according to the requirements of the Investment Grade Audit Services Agreement between the City and the Honeywell
  2. Click here to read the "Draft Technical Energy Audit Report (DTEAR) – dated Apr. 23, 2021" – this report recommends nineteen (19) Energy Conservation Measures (ECMs) which incorporate comprehensive energy and infrastructure renewal solutions that drive both energy demand and supply savings in the six (6) facilities included in the scope
  3. Click here to read the "Optimized IGA – City selection of Optimized IGA ECMs – dated July 14, 2021" - Subsequent to submission of the DTEAR, the City identified a list of ECMs to be included in the third major deliverable, the Optimized IGA (or IGA Report). This IGA report further develops the cost and savings associated with the identified ECMs in order that the City may select a set of ECMs
  4. Click here to read the "Agreement for Investment Grade Audit" -  executed between the City and Honeywell on February 22, 2021.