Annual Renewals

Annual renewals are required by the State Alcohol Beverages Control Commission (ABCC) and Local Licensing Authority (LLA).

The LLA sends out annual renewal information via PermitEyes each October/November, allowing 30 days to be completed. The renewal date and time due are outlined on the forms and emails Lindsi Mailler, LLA, sends.

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Without exception, all annual alcoholic beverages licensees are required to renew their alcoholic beverages license by November 30th of each year. However, the LLA may set dates prior to that date to ensure paperwork processing is handled by that date required for the ABCC.

All retail license renewal applications must be signed by an authorized corporate officer, individual, or partner and filed with the LLA between November 1st and November 30th. Licensees who are in the process of transferring their licenses are required to file the renewal application until the transfer has occurred and they are no longer the licensee of record. 

Licensees are responsible for correcting any differences between their files and the ABCC license files on the renewal application in RED INK ONLY. An LLA certification form/Form 43 verifying these changes have been ABCC approved must be attached to the license renewal application in order to change the official ABCC license file. The LLA does submission of these forms.

Any renewal application not signed and filed by November 30th will be treated as a NEW LICENSE.

If the renewal application becomes a new license for failure to meet the November 30th signing deadline or other deadline as set by the LLA to ensure timely processing for this date, will be subject to all the procedures set forth under Chapter 138 Sec. 15A.