Traffic Unit

Traffic OfficerSpeed Enforcement

The Easthampton Police Department routinely receives complaints of speeding and other traffic infractions throughout our community. To address these concerns, a uniformed patrol officer is assigned to our Traffic Unit whose primary function is to proactively address these concerns. The Traffic Officer’s day-to-day duties include high visibility and targeted enforcement of motor vehicle violations, not only on the heavily-traveled roadways of our City, but also in response to citizen requests and complaints about specific streets and neighborhoods. The Traffic Officer’s day-to-day schedule allows for flexibility based on ongoing traffic-related issues/complaints, as well as to maximize effectiveness. 

The Traffic Officer will not only conduct radar speed enforcement, but will address other specific complaints including, but not limited to, crosswalk violations, school zone pedestrian safety, and distracted driving. Additionally, the Traffic Officer will respond in coordination with other patrol units to investigate motor vehicle crashes throughout the City. 

If you have a traffic complaint or request for traffic enforcement, you can send the information directly to our Traffic Officer by following this link: 


Traffic Grant Enforcement

Each year, the Easthampton Police Department applies for and receives multiple traffic grants, allowing for additional traffic enforcement officers to supplement our patrol force throughout the year. Officers assigned under the traffic grants focus their attention on traffic violations, specifically distracted driving, speeding, pedestriaSpeed Signn and bicycle safety, and operating under the influence of alcohol or drugs.


Mobile Speed Boards

The Easthampton Police Department has two mobile speed boards which are deployed throughout the City to address speeding concerns. While visually displaying the speeds of passing motorists, these boards also collect a variety of speed data to give us a thorough analysis and allow us to most effectively address violations at peak times throughout the day. These boards are deployed to specific locations for 1-2 weeks at a time, then relocated to other problematic streets. To request a mobile speed board in your neighborhood, please contact Sergeant Chad Alexander by email or Officer Ilona Dorosh by email. Both officers can also be reached by telephone at (413) 527-1212.

Commercial Vehicle Enforcement

The Easthampton Police Department has on its staff, an officer fully trained and certified in Commercial Vehicle Enforcement. This officer is specifically trained to inspect trucks and trailers, and their drivers, for safety and equipment compliance including inspection of brakes, tires, suspension, and safety equipment. The officer also has access to portable truck scales to weigh commercial vehicles believed to be overloaded in excess of weight limits. 

The officer, Sergeant Brian Ross, is a certified Department of Transportation (DOT) inspector. This required an intensive training regimen followed by supervised inspections overseen by the Massachusetts State Police Commercial Vehicle Enforcement Unit. Sergeant Ross is also a DOT-certified inspector for non-bulk Hazardous Materials Cargo, allowing the officer to inspect trucks transporting hazardous materials for safety and labeling compliance. If you have a traffic concern or complaint related to commercial vehicles in our community, please contact Sergeant Ross by email or by telephone at (413) 527-1212.