Report At-Home COVID-19 Test Results

Positive at-home COVID-19 results can be reported to the Northampton Health Department. Through a grant, Northampton provides additional public health nursing services, including infectious disease management and surveillance, to many of the Hampshire County communities, including Easthampton. The department hopes that by receiving at-home test reports it can reduce data gaps created by the lack of a standardized statewide reporting system for at-home COVID-19 tests. Test reports may be submitted online or by calling public health nursing directly. The new reporting function is primarily intended for data collection and disease surveillance purposes, and therefore reports may be completed anonymously if individuals do not want to be identified or contacted by the Health Department. 

Private health information is handled securely and confidentially, and any public-facing reports will not contain any identifying information. In addition to reporting current at-home tests, individuals may retroactively report tests that were taken in previous months. At-home testing reports will supplement data provided by tests reported through the Massachusetts Department of Public Health. Tests performed by providers, pharmacies, higher education testing sites, other laboratory testing sites (eg. drive-thru and walk-up sites, testing clinics), and school pooled testing programs are all reported to the Massachusetts DPH as required by law. Individuals should not report an at-home test if they have already been tested through such a site. 

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