Council on Aging Planning Study (2018)

This report describes collaborative efforts undertaken by the City of Easthampton Council on Aging (ECOA) and the Center for Social and Demographic Research on Aging (CSDRA), at University of Massachusetts Boston. Beginning in Fall 2017, these organizations partnered to conduct a study to investigate the needs, interests, preferences, and opinions of the City’s residents age 55 and older. 

The project team surveyed more than 1,800 Easthampton residents age 55 and older, and collected insights from key stakeholders in Easthampton. Contents of the report are intended to support planning and promote awareness by the Easthampton Council on Aging as well as other City offices, private and public organizations that provide services and advocate for older people within Easthampton, and the community at large. A central finding of the report points to the substantial increase in the number of older adults expected to live in Easthampton in the coming decades. Projections suggest that by 2035, more than one out of three Easthampton residents will be aged 60 and older, compared to one-quarter currently. 

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