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Please see the documents below regarding executive orders established by Governor Baker regarding COVID-19 measures in the state of Massachusetts. For all Executive Orders, past and current, please visit

For Easthampton Board of Health Orders, please visit the Health Department's webpage: Official City Government Website - Easthampton, Massachusetts - COVID Information or see the below attachments labeled "BOH Order".

According to Se. 2331, "An Act amending the home rule charter of the city of Easthampton", an ad hoc committee is to be created by the City Council president.  The purpose of this committee is to "draft a proposed ordinance establishing the ballot format and the procedural rules for casting and counting ranked choice voting votes."

The ad hoc committee shall consist of the city clerk or the city clerk's designee, 1 member of the Board of Registrars, 2 members of the City Council and 3 registered voters of the city.

The following members were appointed by Council President Margaret Conniff:

Thomas Peake, City Councilor District #3
Owen Zaret, City Councilor at Large
Barbara L. LaBombard, City Clerk
VACANT - Board of Registrars member
Daniel Gilbert, registered voter
Christopher Korczak, registered voter
Sara Amoroso, registered voter


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Please see the attachments below for the weekly Situation Awareness reports.

Nicole LaChapelle


Contact: Lindsi Mailler, 413-529-1400 ext. 143


Easthampton, MA - Mayor Nicole LaChapelle and the Maple St School Building Committee are proud to announce that both prequalified general contractors that submitted bids were under Massachusetts School Building Authority (MSBA) Approved Construction Budget of $90,122,000.00. Also, eighty – one subcontractors prequalified to bid the project in sixteen separate trades.

Mayor LaChapelle explained, “We leveraged every dollar, both the state reimbursement grant and local tax dollars, to get the biggest impact for our students employing a transparent process. Today’s bid announcement meets the expectations of our residents and our mandate to be prudent fiscal managers of taxpayer dollars.”

The School Building Committee has worked over the last three years to design a consolidated school campus driven by community vision while being budget-conscious. Collaborating with Colliers Project Leaders and Caolo & Bieniek Associates, the Committee identified project efficiencies from school layout to building materials. They prioritized four additional alternative components – maintenance building, durable terrazzo flooring in high pedestrian traffic areas, site entrance roundabout, and a running track at the athletic field – in the case that bids came back under the construction budget.

After the bid announcement, Superintendent Allison LeClair shared, "The Easthampton Public Schools is thrilled with the outcome of the Maple St. School bid process. We are proud of the collaboration with the city and the School Building Committee in preparing a well-thought-out design that is safe and welcoming for all children. We want to acknowledge the contributions of our partners, Caolo and Bieniek Associates, Inc., and our project managers, Colliers International, for such favorable bids.We know that this space will be something families of Easthampton will utilize with pride for years to come."

Both bids, from Fontaine Brothers, Inc. and Brait Builder Corp, included all four additional alternative components while coming in under the approved construction budget. Fontaine Brothers, Inc. was the low bidder with $84,857,000.00, $5,265,000.00 under the approved budget. Brait Builder Corp. bid of $85,937,000.00 was $4,185,000.00 under the approved budget. The City looks forward to working again with Fontaine Brothers, who built Easthampton High School.

"This is another major positive milestone to delivering a new elementary and middle school for Easthampton students. Because of the favorable bidding climate, we’re also able to provide a traffic mitigation solution that will not only provide better access to the new school but also provide a safe solution to a long-standing traffic issue at that section of Park Street. All of this will be done within the amount that was promised to our residents," said Tom Brown, Chair of the School Building Committee.

The Maple St School Project consolidates the three elementary schools – Pepin, Center, and Maple – with the Whitebrook Middle School into one building on the existing middle school site. School project documents are on the Easthampton Public School Department webpage.


Main Phone Number 413-529-1400
Municipal Building 50 Payson Avenue, Easthampton, MA 01027