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The Energy Committee advises and assists the City, its agencies and agents, in developing priorities, policies and programs focused on cost effective energy use, energy conservation and renewable energy generation.

Misty Althizer, Chair
Scott Tundermann, Secretary
Steven Judd 

Marin Goldstein
Jamie Paquette

Number of Members (7)
Vacancies  (2 associate members)


The mission of the EDIC is to support and enhance the economic environment for current and future businesses, residents, and the community at large. Past projects include an annual downtown cleanup, community wide visioning, downtown beautification initiatives, and summits with business leaders. The Commission typically meets on the third Tuesday of every month at 50 Payson Avenue.

Information and resources:
Local Consumer Preference Survey Report (2013)
Potentially Developable Land in Easthampton (2014)

Commission Members:
Gwynne Morrissey, Chair
Maureen Belliveau
Josh Rosenblatt
Thomas Brown
John Casey Douglass
Paul J. St. Pierre, Jr.
Christopher Korczak
Cassie Eckhof

Number of Members: (9)
Vacancies: (1) 

Easthampton City Arts creates a strong cultural identity for the City of Easthampton by stimulating and supporting innovative and diverse cultural programs and activities aimed at enhancing public access to the arts and humanities; and it improves economic opportunities for artists and cultural establishments, while increasing the role that cultural activity plays in the revitalization of the community.

Easthampton City Arts Website



Jeff Bagg, City Planner 
Theodore Perch
Matt Waugh
Hillary Smith
Tracy Eller
Jonathan Carroll
Kevin Monaghan
Sindy Mojica

Number of Members (9)
Vacancies (1)







The mission of the Easthampton Cultural Council is to distribute funds made available through the Massachusetts Cultural Council. This funding supports innovative and diverse cultural programs and activities dedicated to enhancing and guaranteeing public access to the arts and humanities within the community. The goal of the Cultural Council is to raise awareness and provide outreach regarding the grant process and to encourage individuals, groups, and organizations to apply for funding of cultural activities that benefit and enrich the citizens of Easthampton.

Committee Members

Rachel Phillips, Chair
Sean Casey, Secretary
Tracie Butler-Kurth, Website Design
Peter Nelson
John Casey Douglass
Christopher St. Martin
Louise Jacob

Number of Members: (9)
Vacancies: (2)





It shall be the duty of the Council on Aging to carry out programs designed to meet problems of aging in coordination with programs of the dept. of elder affairs established under Section 1 of Chapter 19A of the General Laws.


Council On Aging Website


Thomas Brown, Chair
Joseph T. Banas
Patrick Brough
Patricia Wojczyk
Charles Conner
Louise Jacobs
Stan Diamond

Brendan Rogers, Director

Number of Members (9)
Vacancies (2)




Main Phone Number 413-529-1400
Municipal Building 50 Payson Avenue, Easthampton, MA 01027