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The Board of Public Works, acting through the Mayor, shall be responsible for the overall supervision of the Department of Public Works and for the establishment of priorities and policies to govern the operation of the department.  The Board of Public Works shall be deemed to be water commissioners, sewer commissioners, and road commissioners and shall have authority to establish the fees or charges for all services provided by the Department of Public Works.


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Thomas Malsbury, Chair
David Fagnand

Number of Members: (3)
Vacancies: (1) 




The Board of Health oversee the efforts of the Health Agent and the Public Health Nurse. The Board licenses and enforces businesses and multifamily units in accordance with the State Sanitary Code and local health regulations.

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Maggie Hebert, Chair
Aimee Petrosky
Jennifer Lesperance

Number of Members: (3)
Vacancies: (0) 


The Aquifer Protection Committee works to protect the City's sole source of drinking water through regulations, ordinances, development review, and land acquisition. The Committee works with the Barnes Aquifer Protection Advisory Committee, a regional committee with representatives from Southampton, Westfield, Holyoke, Easthampton, and the Pioneer Valley Planning Commission. BAPAC reviews development over the regional aquifer, recommends zoning changes, and provides public education on water supply protection.


Michael Czerwiec 

Number of Members: (2)
Vacancies: (1)

The Assessors raise local revenue through the taxation of real and personal property, as well as motor vehicle and boat excise.  Assessors are required to list and value all real and personal property in accordance with the Massachusetts Law and State Department of Revenue guidelines, ensuring taxpayers pay their fair share of the cost of local government in proportion to their property's worth.  Assessed values in Massachusetts are based on "full and fair cash value".  Values are reviewed annually to reflect accurate and reliable data.

 Online Property Assessment: Cartographic Associates GIS Property Assessment

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Peter Davies
Martha Smith
Scott Rebmann

Number of Members: (3)
Vacancies:  (0)

9-26-19 Public Notice: Easthampton Assessors Public Disclosure of Proposed FY2020 Property Values Click for Details

The Agricultural Commission represents the Easthampton agricultural community, including all types of farming and raising of livestock, poultry, and horses, as well as forestry and wood products businesses, and accessory uses and activities customarily associated with these endeavors.


Gerry Page, Chair
Russell Braen
Teresa Lorenco
Kasey Corsello
Elodie Chicoine 

Number of Members:  8  
Vacancies - Full members (0); Alternates (3)



Main Phone Number 413-529-1400
Municipal Building 50 Payson Avenue, Easthampton, MA 01027