Public Records Request

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Public Records Request
This form may be used to assist in requesting a public record. Narrowing the scope of the request may help expedite a response. A Records Access Officer will respond to the request in writing within 10 business days from the receipt of the request detailing any reason(s) for denial.

The City has up to 25 business days from the date of the initial request to provide the requested records; the requestor can agree to more time.

Fees for processing records requests:
-$0.05 per page for photocopies
-Actual cost of media (flash drive, DVD, etc.)
-A maximum of $25/hour for employee time needed to search, compile, segregate , redact or reproduce the records.
-A good faith estimate of fees is required to be provided prior to the release of any records requested.

If you are unable to complete this form

This particular form is not required to be used when making a request. Requests may be made orally in person to a RAO or custodian or may be written.
For more information:
Barbara L. LaBombard, City Clerk
413-529-1400, ext., 460

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