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Easthampton granted $35,000 to study housing needs

The City of Easthampton has been awarded a Planning Assistance Grant through the Executive Office of Environmental Affairs to conduct a housing needs and zoning assessment to support and encourage the creation of new housing units. The funding will include a local match and allows the Planning Department to submit a Request for Proposals for a qualified consulting firm to gather the data and develop an action plan.

"This grant will allow us to establish data-driven strategies to create a sustainable housing market for current and future residents. Supported by the creation of new units in the mill district, in the downtown, and a Housing Choice Designation, we are continuing to proactively plan for creating and supporting the development of a wide range of new housing in the coming years,” said Mayor Nicole LaChapelle

The project will include a housing needs assessment to confirm demographic and economic data and identify supply and demand trends. The project will also aim to change zoning requirements to remove barriers for larger projects and make it easier for property owners to build accessory dwelling units. It will also help formulate housing goals and strategies to meet Easthampton’s current and future housing needs.

"Easthampton is a growing city. The completion of the Housing Needs Assessment will provide valuable insight on our current housing trends and what we will need in the future to continue to be a vibrant and affordable community to all residents,” said Janna Tetreault, Chair of the Easthampton Affordable & Fair Housing Partnership.

The Planning Department believes that the data will show the need to provide more market rate and affordable units so that housing options are attainable for a wider range of income levels. A key component of the project will be to allow the creation of second units, referred to as Accessory Dwelling Units, with a building permit. The ability to construct a second unit on an existing property will create opportunities for the creation of more units at a lower cost and which will make them attainable for people with lower income and seniors.

"The increase in demand for housing in Easthampton has kept inventory low, resulting in an increased in property values. The completion of this study will help give the city guidance and direction to meet those needs,” said Chuck Conner owner of Taylor Real Estate

The funding will also be used to incorporate the data, goals and strategies into a draft Master Plan chapter which will form the basis of a long-term vision for both market rate and affordable housing in Easthampton. The project is expected to start early in 2020.

To view the full grant proposal, click here 

To learn more about the funding from the Executive Office of Environmental Affairs, click here



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